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Important Highlights of EXPRESS ENTRY – Canada


1. Temporary foreign workers

High-skilled temporary foreign workers will be able to apply for permanent residency through express entry.
If an employer wants to offer a temporary foreign worker a permanent job, a foreign worker could apply through express entry. Employers will have to apply for a labour market impact assessment, to prove they made every effort to hire a Canadian worker for the job.

2. Hiring younger

The new points system used to fast track permanent residency for skilled immigrants under express entry will favour younger newcomers over older ones.

“The comprehensive ranking system will give applicants up to a maximum of 1,200 points. Basically, 600 points are given based on their human capital, on their work experience, on their education, on their language skills, on their age, with a heavy weight in favour of younger immigrants.

3. Permanent residency ‘draw’

First “invitations to apply” for permanent residency will be sent out by the last week of January.

There will be a “draw” every two weeks.

Applicants will be able to see how they are ranked against each other in the pool.

Once a skilled immigrant has received an offer to apply for permanent residency, he or she would have 60 days to accept or decline the offer.

If the applicant doesn’t receive an offer of permanent residency after 12 months, he or she will have to start the process again.

4. Applications received before Jan. 1

Come the New Year, the government says it will still process applications submitted under the old system as well as applications submitted on Jan.1 or after.

Applications will be processed “on a parallel track,” The “vast majority” of the backlogs in the Federal Skilled Worker Program will be “sorted out” in 2015.

By Pritpal Ranhotra

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